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Backup Intelligence

Next Generation Cloud Backup

Computer and Mobile Backup

Cloud backup for laptop and desktop computers, along with cloud backup of smartphone and tablets.

Server + VM Backup

Cloud Backup for Servers, Network Shares, NAS, SQL Exchange, Windows System State and Hyper-V.

Office 365 + G Suite Backup

Cloud backup for Office 365, 
Google Suite
 and Salesforce.

Features of Backup Intelligence

Use Our Cloud

With Backup Intelligence you can backup to our cloud in one of these locations UK, Europe or USA.

Bring Your Own Cloud

You can backup on-premise or bring your own cloud such as Azure, Amazon or Google.

Data Segments

Data is split into segments and then compressed and de-duplicated to be sent or received only once.

Account Level De-Duplication

Data segments on the same, different and new devices or locations which are backed up are not uploaded.

60% Faster Native App

Backup and restore 60% faster than alternatives as Backup Intelligence is a native app with no Java.

EUDPD and GDPR Data Security

With end-to-end encryption and your data is stored where you select, we are compliant with EUDPD and GDPR.

Server Cloud Backup

Backup Servers, Network Shares, NAS, SQL Exchange, Windows System State and Hyper-V.

Laptop + Desktop Cloud Backup

Backup the files on your Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS laptop or desktop.

Smartphone + Tablet Backup *

In 2018 Backup Intelligence will run on iOS, Android and Chromebook to backup all your data.

Cloud 2 Cloud Backup *

In 2018 Backup Intelligence will have the ability to backup Office 365, Google Suite and Salesforce.

Unlimited Versions + Deletions

Restore files from any chosen date, deleted files are always retained by default.

Protected Items

Select different items to backup and send them to different destinations or run them at different schedules.

Scheduled Backup

Set a schedule so backup runs at set times of the day, or runs an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backup. 

Granular Restore *

With a drive letter access to your backup, you can browse your backup files without needing to run a restore.

Web Admin *

Use the web admin console to view the status of your backup and to make remote changes.

Bandwidth Throttle *

Control how much internet bandwidth is available to Backup Intelligence for backup and restores.

Default File Selection *

Let Backup Intelligence automatically select the files to backup i.e. My Documents.

Email Status Reports

Receive a status report by email on the activity of your backup when using Backup Intelligence.

Assisted Install

Free assisted install from our support team to make sure you have everything setup correctly.
* feature will be available shortly

Why You Need To Backup

Your files, documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images and videos are irreplaceable.

Even if you have moved from an on-premise solution to use a  cloud service such as Office 365 you still need to backup your data, as you are still responsible from keeping your data safe from the items listed on the right.

Recover From Viruses + Ransomware
Protect Your Data from Human Error
Protect Your Data from Hackers
Protect Your Data from Software Errors
Protect Your Data from Hardware Errors
Protect Your Data from Malicious Employees
Protect Your Data from Natural Disaster

 Backup Intelligence Pricing Plans

for Home, Business or Enterprise

Single Monthly
Backup a single laptop or desktop computer for home or business
Single Yearly
Backup a single laptop or desktop computer for home or business
Server + NAS
Backup a server or network drive
1TB Add On
Add  1TB block of storage to Server + NAS Plan
Cloud Backup Destination
Backup to either
UK, Europe or USA
Backup to either
UK, Europe or USA
Backup to either
UK, Europe or USA
Cloud Storage Amount
Backup Folders on Drive C, 
and Windows System State
Backup NAS + Network Shares, Drives D-Z
Backup Exchange, SQL, Hyper-V
VAT will be added to the invoice

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