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What you can backup

With Backup Intelligence you can backup a variety of devices, files, server types and cloud services.

Apple iMac

* This feature will be available late Q2 2020

Laptop + Desktop Cloud Backup

Smartphone + Tablet Cloud Backup*

Server + NAS Cloud Backup


Virtual Machine Cloud Backup

Disk Image Cloud Backup*


Office 365 Cloud Backup*

Unlimited versions of your files without deletions

Unlimited Versions + Deletions

Backup Intelligence by default keeps all versions of your files, to allow you to go back in time to restore a file from various versions.

As default Backup Intelligence never removes deleted files from your backup.

Automatic and scheduled cloud backup

Automatic Cloud Backup

With Backup Intelligence your backup happens all by itself, automatically run a backup at set times of the day, or per hour, daily, weekly or monthly.

The frequency of backups is up to you.

Incremental backups

Incremental Block Level

Data is compressed before the backup is sent, with incremental backups with data de-duplication for repeated information within a file, as well as across all of your devices.

If you ever replace your device Backup Intelligence already has a copy of your data so it does not need to upload the data again.

Scheduled test restores

Test Restores

Run a test restore to double-check that your backup can be safely restored. The test restore does not download the data.

Automatic test restores on a schedule will be available in 2020.

Ultimate security

Ultimate Security

With end-to-end encryption before your backup data is stored in our cloud you can select where to store the data – Amsterdam or Ashburn – and the all process is compliant with GDPR.

We cannot even see the names of your files.

Help and assisted install

Help + Assisted Install

We provide screen-share and telephone support during normal UK business hours Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. You can also use the help and support section on our website where we reply the same day.

For Backup Intelligence administrators we provide bespoke training.

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