CeeJay Software provides a range of cloud solutions including Backup Intelligence, and CrashPlan available through the CeeJay Software Cloud. CeeJay work alongside multinational organisations, universities, schools, banks as well as governments located both within the UK and in countries including Switzerland, America, Australia, South Africa, France, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Belgium and Dubai.

We thought it would be interesting to interview Founder and CEO, Craig Laird Jamieson and get the inside track on CeeJay. Here?s what he had to say:

Q: What was your background before joining CeeJay?
A: (Craig): I was a technical manager for a software development company designing websites and online applications. I organised the development of the software being created and managed the data centre operations by providing email, mysql and php development. In 2000 I left that company and along with Eneth Jamieson and Jim Jamieson, founded CeeJay Software.

Q: Describe a typical day for you?
A: (Craig): My day is a bit longer than your typical 9 to 5! I get up about 6.30am and catch up/reply to emails whilst having my breakfast and see what?s been going on during the night.

I usually arrive at the office around 10am as I only live about 4 minutes away. I check in with the development team on their progress on any new features or bug fixes for Backup Intelligence or our other new projects which I can talk about just now.

I?m on hand to? help with the team in the office if they need help with any support tickets they require my input on.

I then check in with the data centres we use for the CeeJay Cloud in Amsterdam, Ashburn and Japan to see their status and help with any issues.

I usually get home just after 5pm, have my dinner, then work on a bit until 8pm. I go to bed about 11pm but set the alarm for 4.30am to check in with the night team, then go back to bed until about 6.30am.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge since joining CeeJay?
A: (Craig): As CeeJay Software is global company with?an existing brand I didn?t want to just offer new services for the local area near our offices. I?ve worked extremely hard to offer other solutions (in addition to CrashPlan). I want CeeJay to be known as a company who can offer exceptional solutions. It?s been a real challenge to identify the gaps in the market and then come up with the best fit that CeeJay can offer.

Q:?What has been your biggest professional success/achievement?
A: (Craig): It would definitely be starting CeeJay Software and seeing it grow from nothing to where it is today.?

Q:?What is your favourite thing about working for CeeJay?
A: (Craig): I feel lucky to work with such a relaxed and friendly team of people, who assist me daily, supporting me to launch our latest solutions in Backup Intelligence.

Q:?What do you do to relax/unwind?
A: (Craig): When I can get some time away, I enjoy going for a swim, sauna or travelling.

Q:?What?s the best piece of work-related or personal advice you have received?
A: (Craig): Build a great team (that you can trust and rely on) to help you with your business goals!

Q: What would you say to someone who has never heard of CeeJay ? what could you offer them?
A: (Craig): I would encourage them to look at Backup Intelligence for a cloud backup solution/ It?s truly unique in that you can choose where your backup destination is ? you can choose to back up your data.