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Unlimited Versions + Deletions as Backup Intelligence feature.

Unlimited Versions + Deletions

With Backup Intelligence it is automatically set to retain all versions of your files. This allows you to keep a history of files you have backed up.

It is also set not to remove files you have deleted from your machine from the backup.

Automatic Cloud Backup as Backup Intelligence feature

Automatic Cloud Backup

Your backup with automatically run with the schedule you have set.

The frequency is completely up to you. It can be Hourly, Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

Backup Intelligence uses incremental backups.

Incremental Block Level

Before data is backed up it is compressed using incremental backups with data de-duplication. This means it will only back up differences in files across all devices you have connected to your account.

If you replace a device on your account you will not need to upload the data again as Backup Intelligence already has a copy.

Test Restores as Backup Intelligence feature.

Test Restores

To make sure the data you have uploaded to Backup Intelligence can be restored you can perform a test restore. This does not download any of the data selected.

We will be adding a scheduled test restore feature later in 2020.

Ultimate Security with GDPR Compliance as Backup Intelligence feature.

Ultimate Security

Your backup is stored using end-to-end encryption to one of our clouds you have selected. These locations being Amsterdam or Ashburn in the USA. The full backup process is GDPR compliant.

We cannot even see the names of your files.

Help Centre + Assisted Install as Backup Intelligence feature.

Help + Assisted Install

We are able to support you by screen-share and telephone between the hours of 9 am GMT – 5 pm GMT. We also have help and support section where you can contact us. We aim to get back to you on the same day.

We can also give tailor-made training to your Backup Intelligence administrator.

Feature: Backup In Use Files

Backup In Use Files

On Apple OS X you can back up any in-use file.

On Windows, the Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) which is built into Windows is automatically used with Backup Intelligence to allow you to automatically backup which are in use at the time of the backup.

Feature: Faster Backup + Restores

Faster Backup + Restores

Backup and restore your data at up to 60% faster than alternative backup solutions because Backup Intelligence is a native application which does not use Java.

Feature: Control Your Backup Speed.

Control Your Backup Speed

Bandwidth and processor controls can be set to limit the speed available to Backup Intelligence to prevent using all your internet connection bandwidth or CPU when a backup is running.

Feature: U2FA Authentication

U2FA Authentication

To protect accounts we have U2FA available in the admin console and in the Backup Intelligence desktop and server clients.

Feature: Web Admin + Control

Web Admin + Control

Remotely manage Backup Intelligence installations by using our web admin console to check the status of the backup on each computer or start a backup or restore remotely.

Feature: Email Reporting

Email Reporting

Backup Intelligence allows you to view the backup activity and statistics in real-time. No waiting for reports to run, you get live data as and when it happens.

Users and administrators can receive instant, daily or weekly backup reports and alerts by email.

Feature: Pay Monthly or Yearly

Pay Monthly or Yearly

We are billing monthly, but if it is required you can ask for annual payment method.

There is no installation fee and we will not charge you for restoring your data.

Feature: Bring Your Own Cloud

Bring Your Own Cloud

Backup Intelligence can backup files and folders on attached drives, local or network drives at the same time as the online backup to the Backup Intelligence cloud.

Or if you wish you can bring your own cloud storage platform, we are compatible with: Amazon s3, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and Backblaze B2.

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