Europe Cloud Backup with Unlimited Cloud Storage

Backup Intelligence: Cloud Backup Service with the Unlimited Cloud Storage with the option to backup to one of our three locations in Amsterdam in Europe, London in UK or Ashburn in USA. 

We have been providing cloud backup for the last 19 years and have trillions of files in our cloud.  That's why we offer a specialised cloud back up service for Home, Business, Governments, Education, Media Production and Medical.

What You Can Backup

With Backup Intelligence you can backup a variety of devices, files, server types, cloud services.

Laptop + Desktop Cloud Backup

Smartphone + Tablet Cloud Backup

Server + NAS Cloud Backup

Virtual Machine Cloud Backup

Disk Image Cloud Backup

Office 365 + Gsuite Cloud Backup

Cloud Backup Locations

With Backup Intelligence your backup data is stored in our cloud at one of our three locations of your choosing which are:

UK (London), Europe (Amsterdam) or USA (Ashburn)

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