UK or Europe Cloud Backup for

From choosing a local data centre to having premium customer service, Backup Intelligence offers you cloud destinations in UK, Europe and America –  Not to mention free customer support including a step by step screen share.

So whether it’s unlimited backups, protected items or even end-to-end encryption, Backup Intelligence will tailor to your needs, giving you the ultimate cloud backup solution for your business.

What You Can Backup

With Backup Intelligence you can backup a variety of devices, files, cloud services.


Laptop and Desktop Cloud Backup

Backup the files on your Microsoft Windows or Apple macOS laptop or desktop.


Microsoft Office 365 Cloud Backup

Available in 2019 will be the option to backup your Microsoft Office 365 with Backup Intelligence.


Smartphone and Tablet Cloud Backup

Available in 2019 will be the option to backup smartphone and tablet devices running Apple iOS and Google Android.

Server Cloud Backup

Backup  File Servers running Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux. Or Microsoft Exchange or Microsoft SQL Servers and Windows System State.


Virtual Machine Cloud Backup

Backup Virtual Machines using Backup Intelligence and Hyper-V.

NAS and Synology Cloud Backup

Backup  File Servers running Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS and Linux or run directly on Synology. With built in UNC Path backup with network login.

Core Features

Below are the core features of Backup Intelligence.

Use Our Cloud

With Backup Intelligence your backup data is stored in our cloud in either Europe (Amsterdam) or UK (London).

Bring Your Own Cloud

You can backup on-premise to a local or network drive or bring your own cloud such as Azure, Amazon, Google, Wasabi or Backblaze.


60% Faster Backup & Restores

Backup and restore 60% faster than alternatives because Backup Intelligence is a native app.


Protected Items

Select different types of items to backup and send them to different destinations or run at different schedules.


Scheduled Backup

Set a schedule so your backup runs at set times of the day, or runs an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly backup.

Continuous Backup for Endpoints *

Backup Intelligence can run in a continuous mode to allow you to backup without using a schedule to keep files backed up each time they change.


GDPR + Data Security

With end-to-end encryption your data is stored where you select and is compliant with GDPR.

Unlimited Versions + Deletions

Restore files from any chosen date and time. Deleted files are always retained by default.


Granular Restore *

Map your backup as a drive letter in Windows, so you can browse your backup without needing to run a restore.


Scheduled Test Restores *

Automatically run a test restore each week or month to double check that your backup can be safely restored.

Web Admin

Use the web admin console to view the status of your backup and make remote changes.

* this feature will be available later in 2019

Free Assisted Install

Free assisted install from our support team to make sure you have everything set up correctly.

We Work With

If you do not want to backup using the Backup Intelligence cloud you can use your own cloud storage provider, we work with the following.

Cloud Locations

Data Stored in TB

years in business

Free 30 Day Trial

We have a free 30 day trial available of Backup Intelligence.