Backup Intelligence
New + Roadmap

Backup your data, be ready.

What’s New in
Version 19.11.0 – 5th December 2019

Below are the latest changes to Backup Intelligence:

  • Lower RAM use
  • Faster performance
  • Search engine for restores to search by filename, type, size, date, time, device
  • Support custom Windows authentication credentials for Microsoft SQL Server backups
  • Updated German translation
  • MongoDB Protected Items
  • Support for FTPS storage
  • Restore jobs of zero files now use Warning status; Backup jobs of zero files now use Error status
  • Improve performance for some job metadata and job log storage operations
  • Improve the performance of the “prefer temporary files instead of RAM” option by up to 20%

Roadmap for 2020

Below are our plans for Backup Intelligence, note these are plans, dates and availability can change:

Early 2020:

  • Run a backup every n hours – available from end of January 2020 in release 19.12.5
  • Select files to remove from the storage vault, so they are no longer able to be restored in release 19.12.5
  • Re-brandable reports with logos for resellers in release 19.12.5
  • Notarization of Backup Intelligence client for Apple macOS in release 19.12.5

  • Our new Storage Vault in Japan
  • Upgrade account plan to have data stored in two cloud storage vaults at different locations
  • Full Image Backup, with restore to CD/DVD/USB Image
  • Cloud 2 Cloud backup of Microsoft Office 365
  • Cloud 2 Cloud backup of Google G-Suite
  • LDAP and SSO user account sync 

Later in 2020:


  • List of files backed up for each backup job
  • Synology / Qnap Hybrid Version of Backup Intelligence
  • Option to change backup file selection remotely through a web browser, by browsing the files on the remote device
  • U2fa login for end users  – In development to protect web interface and desktop client with Yubico Hardware Keys or TOTP with Google Authenticator etc
  • Quick backup file selection mode, to select documents, pictures etc
  • Automatically set a default schedule
  • Improve green status bar
  • Web interface night mode
  • Reseller co-branding
  • Automatic uninstall client when device removed from account
  • Button to Pause Backup for Set Time. e.g. 1 hour, 2 hours, 24 hours, etc
  • iOS full device cloud backup
  • Android full device cloud backup
  • Scheduled test restores, run a test restore on a set schedule
  • Licence only version
  • Linux Build with GUI