Backup Intelligence New + Roadmap

Online Cloud + OnPremise Backup

The photo above is Road to Glen Brittle in the Isle of Skye, Scotland

What’s Coming Very Soon

Below are our plans for Backup Intelligence in 2020 note these are plans, dates and availability can change:

  • Full Device Image Backup, with restore USB Boot (14th October 2020)
  • Synology / Qnap on Device App of Backup Intelligence
  • Notarization of Backup Intelligence client for Apple macOS
  • Invoice options for 2 or 3 years, along with payment made in £, € or $
    Replacement of for resellers / administrators
  • Upgrade account plan to have data stored in two cloud storage vaults at different locations

What’s New in
Version 20.9.6. – 14th October September 2020

Below are the latest changes to Backup Intelligence to be rolled automatically to all devices over three weeks starting late October 2020.

  • Full Disk Image Backup – add on package for Windows

  • Quick backup file selection mode, to select documents, pictures etc, see above

  • Default Protected Items with Default Schedule for new devices
  • Backup Intelligence for Home
  • Change to Status Bar Progress to easier display running jobs along with full job history and job details
  • Office 365, Teams and G-Suite Cloud Backup + Threat Protection, visit for details

  • 2fa for Backup Intelligence desktop client and web interface for all users
  • Option to change backup file selection remotely through a web browser, by browsing the files on the remote device
  • Feature: Offer to remotely uninstall Desktop Client when deleting an account or revoking a device from the web interface

Also Working On

Below is our plans for Backup Intelligence, note these are plans, dates and availability can change:

  • VMWare Backup
  • Web interface night mode
  • Our new Storage Vault in Japan
  • Button to Pause Backup for Set Time. e.g. 1 hour, 2 hours, 24 hours, etc
  • iOS full device cloud backup
  • Android full device cloud backup
  • Scheduled test restores, run a test restore on a set schedule
  • Linux Build with GUI

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