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Backup your data, be ready.

Has your office been broken into?

Have the devices in your office been hacked?


Has your company ever been a victim of ransomware?

Have you or your colleagues ever deleted important documents accidentally?

If you would like to protect all of your data on your?



Servers + NAS

Cloud Services

We are here for you and all of your data!

We are here to help you to keep all of your data safe

What do we do?

Here at Ceejay Software, we take care of your data with our Backup Intelligence.

Backup Intelligence is our own cloud backup solution which allows you to back up a variety of files and documents automatically and until 10TB.

Laptop + Desktop Cloud Backup

Server + NAS Cloud Backup

Smartphone + Tablet Cloud Backup*


Virtual Machine Cloud Backup

What you can backup

With Backup Intelligence you can backup a variety of devices, files, server types and cloud services.

* This feature will be available in 2020

Disk Image Cloud Backup


Office 365 Cloud Backup*

Keep the power (data) in your hands and protect your files and servers

0-10TB of Data


Ultimate Security and GDPR

Free and Easy-to-Restore



Free Assisted Install and Support

Web Admin and Control

Why Choose Backup Intelligence ?

Incremental Block Level feature is available for business users too.

Incremental Block Level

In advance of your data being backed up it is compressed using incremental backups with data de-duplication. This measure makes sure that only differences between files on all devices are backed up.

When you replace a device you will not need to upload all the data again as it is already stored on our cloud.

Web Admin + Control feature is available for business users too.

Web Admin + Control

With our web admin console, you can view your devices’ backup status and remotely start backups and restores.

U2FA Authentication feature is available for business users too.

U2FA Authentication

To add extra security to administrator accounts we have U2FA in the admin console.

We will make this feature available to all users in the future. It will also be added to the desktop Backup Intelligence client.

Terabytes Protected

Years in Business

data centres

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We would like to provide you the best experience possible when choosing Backup Intelligence:

Calan came back quickly and was really helpful. I am very happy with the customer service!

Free 14 Day Trial of Backup Intelligence

No payment details required